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Indirect Burners

Ray-Banner Packaged Burner (bakery oven)

The Ray-Banner packaged burner is furnished with voltages to suit. The modulation motor is mounted and wired on the UL Listed control panel, and all linkage are connected prior to shipment. Start up and field services are always available upon request.

Indirect BurnersThe standard package comes with the following:

  • Low fire start
  • Full modulation to off
  • Constant pilot or interrupted pilot
  • Burner mounted pre-wired electronic controls
  • Spark ignited gas pilot
  • Combustion air fan and motor
  • Burner air switch

The burner mounted control panel includes:

  • Oven purge timer
  • Relays
  • Numbered terminal block
  • Stop-start buttons
  • Safety alarm
  • Pilot lights

The following items are shipped loose for field mounting:

  • Digital temperature controller
  • Gas pressure switches
  • Gas pressure regulator pilot
  • Gas pressure gauge
  • Circulating fan proving switch
  • Burner power transformer
  • Duplicate gas shutoff cocks
  • Safety shutoff valves
  • Vent valve
  • Front panel

Optional equipment includes:

  • Thermocouple assembly #400-B-20
  • Thermocouple lead wire #1 C-A-16
  • Oven limit control-supply duct-1 S
  • Limit control, 100-1100°F
  • Remote mounted oil pump
  • Installation drawings
  • Gas pressure regulators
Size BTU Capacity (xl.000) Weight
#1-POGB 500 – 1,200 330 lb
#2-POGB 1,800 – 2,500 350 lb
#3-POGB 2,400 – 4,200 375 lb

For more information, contact us.

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